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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer any discounts for active military?

Since our founding we have always, and will continue, to offer a discount to all active-duty enlisted military personnel. Why? Because we (meaning everyone at Strider) come from that background. Along with this discount we offer the hope of making your deployment date. In other words, if you are on your way into harm's way, give us a call. We will do our best to put you at the front of our waiting list and get your gear to you before your date. Liars and cheaters will be hunted.

If your concern is your D-date, give us a call; we may work something out.

Do you offer an inside the waist sheath?

Yep. All our smaller blades come with an inside the waist sheath; a very simple design. We also make a clip that lets you mount the sheath outside the pants in a variety of positions. All our inside the waist sheaths are made of .090 Kydex unless other wise specified. We'll make an inside the waist sheath for anything you want. Any of our sheaths are available with any knife. It doesn't matter to us how you want to carry it.

Sheath Options:

Cordura/Kydex field sheath. A Cordura sheath with a form-fit Kydex liner. Inside the waist Kydex concealment sheath.

How do I protect the steel underneath the cord-wrapped handle on my Strider from the elements; moisture, sweat, smog ....., blood?

Before we wrap the handles, we will apply an excellent corrosion inhibitor. As a result, the handles rarely develop corrosion under the wrapping - even under the most extreme conditions. At home, I've had one out on the balcony for over a year, (I live right on the pacific) and no corrosion is evident under the wrap. The blade looks like crap, but the handle is fine.

Do you offer serrated blades?

Sorry, no. We used to serrate blade edges, but not any more.

We do offer spine serrations, on specific models, for an additional $50 charge. Spine serrations work especially well for cutting rope under water, or cutting through extremely dense materials.

What coatings come with Strider knives?

All Strider knives come with either an Aluminum Oxide blast finish or our Tiger Stripe finish. Additionally a variety of coatings are available in selected colors.